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Rewrite the Rules

We recognize that the massive, complex problems our world faces won’t be solved by a few more engineers, architects, or planners working on their own.

We’re at a turning point where we must work collaboratively or submit to a status quo of waning impact and relevancy. But if it doesn’t happen now, it will happen too late.

Help make Applied One a reality and invest in this bold, optimistic future.

About the Campaign

New Ground Rules

Learning in Silos? No Longer Compulsory

At universities worldwide, future professionals walk parallel but separate paths while addressing problems that can only be solved by working together, combining our strengths, methods and efforts for maximum impact.

Career Prep Without the Crystal Ball

We have a plan to help our future leaders prepare themselves for the unpredictable—not just today’s evolving data-driven, digitally collaborative workplace, but also whatever unexpected shape the future may take.

Don’t Just Think Fast. Act Fast

We’re creating the conditions for the accelerated testing and real-world application of our health, tech and equity solutions while there’s still time.

This is Applied One

Applied One will be far more than a building—it will be a dynamic, inclusive, living laboratory designed on the premise that today’s challenges are too massive, too complex, too interconnected for a single discipline. Rather than recreating the same old walls between our applied professions, Applied One will put concerns like the climate, health and social inequity first, enabling engineers, planners and architects to model solutions quickly, at a scale that promises lasting change.

Solving the problems of tomorrow is a creative endeavour. To come up with the solutions and technology, for that creativity to build, we need to include personalities that break the mold of the stereotypical engineer.

Amanda Clifford, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Campaign Stories Rewriting the Future

University for the Future

In Memoriam: The Interdisciplinary Legacy of William White (1944 – 2024)

Distinguished UBC Alum and supporter William White (BASc’67) passed away on March 3rd, one month before his 80th birthday. An eminent investment banker, the mechanical engineer leaves an interdisciplinary legacy at UBC, having influenced and transformed the lives and careers of a generation of engineers.  Bill and his twin brother Wayne (BASc’67) provided the support

Future of Work

“Replicating Real Life”: Couple Supports Faculty’s Transdisciplinary Future

Around 200 times a year, whenever it rained, water would overwhelm an undersized pipe, spilling pollutants and waste into Nancy Creek, a tributary of the Chattahoochee River.  In 2002, when an environmental group called the Chattahoochee River Keepers filed a federal lawsuit, the Environmental Protection Agency ordered Atlanta to unsnarl the failing infrastructure. Harold Cunliffe

Future of Work

Building the Spaces In-Between: UBC Alum Donates $2.5M

When considering a building, we tend to focus on the spectacular rooms inside or the vibrant façade outside. But architect Bryce Rositch believes the “spaces in-between” truly bring a building to life. He’s referring to overlooked functional areas like circulation areas and hallways—spaces that connect us to other living spaces, creating the movement and flow

James Olson

If you believe climate change is a human crisis that exacerbates inequity, then you know we need a new kind of a professional capable of addressing such world-scale problems. You need more than traditional architects or engineers or planners; you need professionals with shared competencies across design, technology, and policy.

James Olson, Ph.D. Dean, UBC Applied Science
Let’s make Applied One a reality

Invest in Applied One

We need your support to bring about the bold, audacious, and revolutionary ideas that will turn the tide on the world’s most wicked problems. This campaign represents more than just an adaptable, sustainable applied science innovation hub, it represents what is possible when we work together.