The Spaces

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The Spaces
The Shops Hangar for Global Action The Mixing Bowl Pivot with Personality Community Collisions Global Build-Design Studios

The Shops

Name this Space: $10M

Contemporary architects, planners and engineers need more than the usual metal and wood shops found in the basements of older academic buildings.

The Shops will consolidate material science and architectural design--and open this opportunity to all students---integrating design and manufacturing space for inspiring design and building projects.

Hangar for Global Action

Name this Space: $30M

Given that the building and design responsibilities of planners, engineers and architects often overlap, the Hangar will thrum with collaboration and innovation.

Shared infrastructure within this vaulted space will equip students, researchers and industry with the technology to address global challenges and society’s next “systems-shock.”

The Mixing Bowl

Name this Space: $15M

Imagine an integrated makerspace for whipping up fresh ideas, a new collision space in which engineers, planners and architects can learn from one another. Outfitted with the latest design software, laser cutters, 3D printers, scanners and CNC routers, the Bowl will encourage students to design, plan and build prototypes for that fresh idea, whether it’s big or small, formal or informal.

Pivot with Personality

Name this Space: $5M

Picture creative spaces with their own distinct character, movable walls that empower users to modify their rooms according to their immediate needs. Open and bright, these mixed-use, mixed-scale spaces will support experiential learning and idea development one moment, only to pivot the next into meeting spaces for quiet conversation and social spaces for building relationships.

Community Collisions

Name this Space: $1M

Imagine vast interactive and immersive gathering areas where the public can sit, wander, walk, absorb, converse, collide, and explore solutions to the world’s most global challenges. Exhibition spaces will demonstrate the impact of architects, planners and engineers on the world, and welcome community participation and collaboration.

Global Build-Design Studios

Name this Space: $10M

These days, the fields of engineering and architecture are often practiced on teams that span the globe. In these digital studios, students will develop real-time global teamwork and leadership skillsets that can be applied both locally and globally. Students will discover accelerated computing and data science, AI and Deep learning, advanced presentation tools and global workflows.